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Welcome to Lisa's website, a gallery of art, writing, and thought. Lisa is a visual artist, writer, and educator who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Education Work

About my work

Lisa has practised education design, planning, facilitation, and knowledge dissemination for organizations for over ten years. Her work is based on popular education methods and employs an equity framework. In recent years, Lisa has expanded her area of practice to include the goal of transforming educational practices within mental healthcare, both for consumer/survivors and for mental healthcare professionals.


Lisa is also a consumer/survivor of the mental healthcare system, and has used her communication, artistic, and educational skills to advocate for people marginalized by mental illness. She has made acclaimed public presentations across southern Ontario and in the United States, speaking with candour of her own experiences with mental illness. She provides instruction on specific interventions, and her own perspectives on mental illness and creativity. Lisa has also worked at the community level, debunking mental illness and supporting people to become their own mental health advocates. 

summary of qualifications

  •  Knowledgeable and experienced in the development of education programs, from inception to evaluation, including:

-  recruiting and working with design teams from among stakeholder groups;

-  articulating specific goals based on the desired outcomes of the sponsors and the participants;

-  costing and preparing program budgets;

-  incorporating equity into the design and delivery of education;

-  preparing facilitators’ process notes, participants’ materials, and support materials;

-  delivering events and materials on time and on schedule

-  designing and facilitating “train-the-trainer” programs

-  evaluation of courses for relevance, effectiveness, and ease of delivery;

-  creating reports (writing and layout) for post-event knowledge dissemination

  • Proven ability to design educational programs which further organizational goals, by developing participants’ knowledge, confidence, and willingness to engage
  • Wide range of communication and creative skills with which to create compelling and innovative education.